Friday, March 31, 2017


Incompetent employees exist to make all of the rest of us look really good? Now that, is an interesting theory.

The truth of the matter, is that incompetence should not be rewarded, by allowing that individual to remain in their job. Some folks never improve, and as any industry changes and moves forward, Joe Bob the Incompetent, becomes a dangerous liability. Employers should have a contract clause that states, “JB, if you don’t learn the new stuff that is expected of all employees in your department……...YOU ARE FIRED!

The Headmaster
Turns a blind eye,
Intentionally ignoring
The incompetent guy,
The one who hasn’t kept up
With the changes in Nursing,
Every day that he works
The experts are cursing.

The Assistant boss
Ponders other things instead,
Ignoring the possibility
A patient might be dead,
Under the care of
Incompetent Billie,
Boss holds the thought
Oh, that’s just too silly,
Figuring the other nurses
Will keep an eye on that punk,
But, everyone else
Would like to throw him in a trunk.

Incompetent Billie
Types with a single digit,
If you’re standing nearby
Oh surely, you will fidget,
Watching with frustration
As he searches for each letter,
He skipped typing class in High School
He never gets any better.

Perhaps Billie believed
It’s all rumor and hype,
Someday I won’t be writing
That I will have to type,
So, why should I bother
To learn any new stuff,
Patients are just people
And I know enough.

For eight years now
Billie has restated,
I don’t have enough time
And it’s so complicated,
I can’t take another patient
Because I’m too far behind,
Floundering on the keyboard
He appears to be blind.

Your career in Nursing
Exceeds twenty years,
But watching you work
Doth bring me to tears,
You don’t know jack
And you ask me every day,
“How do I chart this
They didn’t teach me, no way”.
            _  _  _  _

When I ran to the break-room
Stating, “Oh, I think I saw my son”,
I was really going to my locker
To retrieve the loaded gun,
That I keep there for emergencies
And that time has come today,
Goodbye, Billie
Let me assist you, on your way.


Old FoolRN said...

Billie sounds like the perfect candidate for a nursing administration position. Perhaps a promotion is in order, at least it would remove the incompetent nurse from patient care.

Fibril_late said...

I'll suggest it to him next week; couched in rosy praise.