Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hot Diggity Outsourcing

For some reason, not shared with the general regular employees, the hospital is now undergoing a very deep cleaning. So deep, the job has been outsourced to a group of blue garbed, female tape-scrapers. Can you imagine the very unsafety of their job, that a person would employ a razor-blade window scraper, to remove tape and other sticky substances from hard / smooth hospital surfaces? Even in the Laboratory?!? I'm wondering if there is a special clause in their contract (probably denying them compensation) should one of them accidentally perform a finger laceration with a blade carrying 42 layers of resistant bacteria, when they were cleaning the Laboratory two weeks ago.
Once again folks, I am not creating fake news; this is real-time reporting!

It is super-hospital-cleaning week
Five contracted specialists
Down on the floors take a peek,
At all nooks and crannies
Including the chairs,
Deep cleaning the swivels
I ask you, who really cares?

It’s another hotdog diggity
Delirious decision,
Five cleaners at a time
An eight hour vision,
Of scraping and wiping
Tape removal and more,
I figure at twenty per hour
This is one expensive chore.

Night after night
An outsourced cleaning crew,
They didn't query me
And they didn't ask you,
If this was a sound
Clear-headed decision,
Yet, these are the ways
Of hot diggity vision.

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