Monday, February 06, 2017

Dog Joke

Picture this:

Sven, an honorable Animal Breeder, he raises dogs, Dachshund specifically. One might say, he is in love with these sturdy little fellows. At some point, there is a litter of identical twin brothers, which he names Huey and Louie. They are so cute, playful, fun and spirited, they become the joy of his life.

Now, they are a couple years old, and at his side day and night. One morning at breakfast, his two pals walk into the dining room, greet their owner, and then keel over together, unresponsive. Sven races to their side, and no matter what he does, Huey and Louie don’t wake up.

Sven bundles them into a blanket, and races to the Veterinary office. He yells, “Dr. Mergatroyd, something terrible has happened to Huey and Louie, what is it?”

Dr. M performs a thorough, albeit quick examination, and suddenly declares;
“Eureka, this is Pulseless Pair’o Dachsunds!”

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