Monday, February 20, 2017


Oh boy, finally we don't have to play dress up in bio-hazard yellow, when we enter the room of the patient with MRSA. Sure, of course, we practice Universal Precautions, cuz that's what we do for everything (especially when eating in the hospital cafeteria). Since I be the achey-breaky nurse, anytime I'm helping with cleanup, I'll wear yellow, because I visit a lot of different patients during my six hours, and thus, I'm a highly developed fomite under power, so to speak.

But here's the real news, once again:

MERSA used to be the thing
Everyone had it, tra-la-ling,
We did isolate and wear the garb
And we poked your nose with a mini-barb,
But now the latest directorate
Says, oh why bother, to protectorate,
If everyone has it, then so do you
Goodbye MERSA, so long, boo hoo.

What this all means, we need a new adversary
To don the gowns and gloves, and act kind of wary,
Until we know the enemy and develop our tools
And someday our descendants will call us fools.

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