Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bad Investment Part II

Reason for admission? Benzo & amphetamine overdose. Lives on the streets, chronic drug user, and by chance a routine chest x-ray identifies a bulge at his aortic arch. Health insurance? heck no! A CT Angio reveals an Aortic Aneurism at the critical stage........Once the dude gets off the ventilator, becomes somewhat lucid, the multi-disciplinary team (lacking discipline, if you were to ask me) get together with Joe Bob and have the big discussion. Something like this:

Team: Joe Bob, we saved your life and we want to do it again, how about it?
JB:   Uh, ok. Hey, can you get me some dope first?
Team: No, Joe Bob, you're done with that stuff now, forever.
JB:   Uh, ok.........but, can't you just let me roll a doobie now, so I can think it over?
Team:  No, Joe Bob. What we are going to do is let you get clean for a couple of weeks, then we're thinking of sawing your sternum in half, rip open your aorta and put it back together with wires and staples and other shit, and then you'll be all better in about 9 months.
JB: Hmm, sounds crazy. You know, I need to go to the powder room right now.

Over the next two weeks, Joe Bob goes to the parking lot about 4 times, to clear his head. Right; how about for a little snort of Meth!

And that's why he was the winner of an Aortic Valve repair.

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