Thursday, January 05, 2017


I may seem like the grumpy old Expert curmudgeon at times, but that's what you expect from old people, right? We elder nurses who care, find satisfaction in sharing with younger generations; those Great Nurses who will follow in our footsteps. That doesn't mean I think I'm some kind of superior nurse; it only means I'm a veteran, rabble-rousing individual that expects perfection, or the closest thing to it.


It may look like
I am picking on a younger generation,
Of new nurses practicing
In our good old federation,
But, don't take me wrong
I seek the best of practice in our profession,
I like to mentor........
Just step in and make your confession.

Sure, things have changed
No doubt about it,
Thank goodness for change
I'll be the first to shout it,
No more confusion now
When doctor's write orders,
I don't have to decipher handwriting
And scribbles on the borders.

Change, ushers in new ideas
Along with new situations,
That we didn't encounter before
Thus, more regulations,
Where, some will try to find
Workarounds and shortcuts,
That is all good and well
But makes Administrators go nuts.

This is hacking in its purest sense
Like the automotive pioneers in 1910,
Where many of us dream about
Those silly days way back when,
Your great-grandmother, worried
About great changes in her world,
And here we are, one hundred years later
Having our genetic code curled,
Down at the Salon
While choosing our next baby,
The current generation of new Nurses
Is always poised to say, "Well, maybe".

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