Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cumin Kindness

Not all health-care entities blast their branding, all over the USA, but some do. It's a little embarrassing to the employees, but what can we do? Actually, we're supposed to following our leaders, and spout the slogans too.

Anyway, Curry Bob's Taxi Service, has apparently jumped on the advertising bus too; take a look.

Cumin Kindness

At Curry Bob's Taxi
They have a new motto,
Hello Cumin Kindness
Is displayed on every auto,
We care about you
And every living being,
They spend a fortune on ads
It's all the public is seeing.

The taxi's are plush
With fake mohair velour,
It hides the dirt and debris
For the duration of your tour,
And don't even bother
To ask about pricing,
If we ever told you
It would not be enticing.

There is a passenger mini-bar
Just enter the code,
Fresh Turkey sandwiches
And pie a la mode,
With a 3-day expiration
Preservative enhanced,
Like our cutting edge attention
We are truly advanced.

No matter, your destination
You will get there, guaranteed,
For the satisfied customer
We have everything you need,
But, please fill out the survey
And give us some praise,
Hello Cumin Kindness
To the end of your days.

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