Thursday, December 01, 2016

That Smell

There is no getting away from C-Diff......even if you are 20 feet away; the smell is awful, and yes, it can cause significant eye irritation. The other yucky feature, is that those crap atoms get stuck in the nose, and even after departing the hospital, you can still detect That Smell!

That Smell

Oh, that odor
What the Hell?
My eyes are burning
From that smell,
I can barely
Take a breath,
I blame C-Diff
And bowel death.

Though, this is normal
In this dive,
I just don't know
How we'll survive,
The next few hours
Exposed to this stink?
We'll be anaerobic
Is what I think.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Furthermore, following the same theme:

Nostril Smells

Yes, I was there
With first-hand knowledge,
Although this wasn't covered
When I went to college,
How smells could linger
For hours, in one's nostril,
After rapid ejection
From yonder wastrel,
Currently residing
In room seventy-seven,
I had to be reminded
How Nursing was like heaven.

Now, why I didn't
Become an Attorney?
I had to pursue
An altruistic journey,
Where nostril smells
Doth keep on giving,
'Tis why we Nurses
Continue living.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And lastly.......

Dreaming of Bedpans

I've been afraid to talk about it
In case it were true,
That breathing crap atoms
They could get inside of you.

I thought it rather curious
How later, when I was home,
I kept dreaming about bedpans
Made out of chrome,
I would lurch from that dream
And race to the potty,
Trying to launch a dead rat
Out of my body.

And that's why I'm afraid
To talk about it ever,
Thoughts are powerful motivators
They might launch an endeavor,
By several wayward molecules
That migrated to my colon,
Thereby causing me to worry
Why I'm bloated and swollen.
- - - -- - - - - -- - - - -
From the, "Wait, there's more" Department:

C-Diff Blues

Take a good whiff
And you'll know it's C-Diff........
That sour-sweet odor
Gets lodged in your nose,
You will wish that you carried
A special vacuum hose,
To suck up those vapors
Before they float in the air,
Instead, all those crap atoms
Hold tight to your hair.

C-Diff on your collar
Will make you scream and holler,
When you are home at the mirror
It can't be any clearer,
That you weren't as protected
Like you thought that you were,
C-Diff on your clothing
And all over your fur.

C-Diff is in your car
As it was on your shoes,
Yes, that crap is everywhere
Let us sing the C-Diff Blues.
_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

From the, "Does it never end" Department:

Inner Pollution

C.Diff, C.Diff
Is liquid, not stiff,
It stinks to low heaven
Putrid and sour,
Bacteria so tiny
But they've got the power,
To conquer your world
Between here and the toilet,
Though, if you're in bed
Odds on, you will soil it.

C.Diff, C.Diff
Impossible to kill
Unless you jump off a cliff,
Or drink a gallon of bleach
Now, there's a solution,
A guaranteed fix
For all your inner pollution.

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