Friday, December 23, 2016


Many of us have played the role of a Nurse Preceptor, to a fresh, new nurse. This is to help that person, get their feet wet, get the hang of what is going on, their duties and just how they should fit in, to this new working environment. This would be a duty that an experienced Nurse would take on, in addition to their regular daily duties. Preceptor works as a buddy to the new Nurse employee and as such, the Preceptor, needs to be cool, calm and collected. We want to build confidence, help expand their knowledge base, and become comfortable in their surroundings and practice. Anyway, over the years, I belonged to the cadre of Nurse Preceptors and hope I did some good.

Last week, I had the good fortune of meeting up with the protege of 17 years ago. This guy, has gone to great heights, but who knows, if my influence had any effect. In fact, he's got the kind of job, that could have made him my boss, had we continued floating in the same boat. Yes, grasshopper; someday perhaps, the student becomes the teacher.

I visited a protege
From way back when, the other day,
I enjoyed the appointment
Immensely, for sure,
16 years of evidence
That my training was pure,
When I imparted my wisdom
Those few days long ago,
His success is the conclusion
My influence?
I don't really know.

In conclusion:
or Protoplasm,
If they don't develop properly
You might have a spasm.

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