Tuesday, December 27, 2016

God Knows

Leave God out of it, that's just my opinion. However, many folks believe that when they die, and go to the next heaven, they will be able to know all things. If so, maybe you can find out the true meaning of Pneumatosis Intestinalis.

Pneumatosis Intestinalis
Sounds too big to carry in a valise,
What it is; air in the wall
Of the small or large intestine, that's all,
Pathogenicity, the predominant thought
What we know about it; naught,
Is it fatal, or even a bother?
Be sure to ask, when you meet the Father.

1 comment:

Old FoolRN said...

Here is another question for the father. Why does pneumaturia (gas blown out the urethra with urine) NOT smell bad like intestinal gas??
Best wishes for a great New Year!