Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Carnivorous Cleo

At last, a cute cuddly story about a kitten. Sure, it may seem I'm off track here, not writing about hospital nonsense, but kittens are people too.

Carnivorous Cleo

Do animals need training?
I suppose they do,
Their mothers nurse them
Just like you,
But the human analogy
Should stop right there,
They have survival abilities
That hu-babes don't share.

I just read an article
About Cleo the cat,
A survivor of a car crash
Where a Chihuahua went splat,
Because he ran into the traffic
After the family car was crunched,
Little Cleo ran away
Without getting punched.

The people were hurt
And the Chihuahua was dead,
Thereby proving that cats
Are way smarter in the head,
Much more able to survive
A week or two on their own,
Cleo probably would have called
If she had her own phone.

The article seems written
In the usual silly way,
Regarding poor helpless animals
Needing rescue every day,
By cockamamy caregivers
Those of the human kind,
While a cat is a predator
A carnivorous hunter in kind.

Per the article:
She fended for herself
In unfamiliar country for two weeks,
Ludicrous, to propose
Cleo had no techniques,
To survive in the wild
Without human intervention,
Cleo wasn’t lost
Nor did she suffer apprehension.

Animals: don’t worry about the future
They survive in the Now,
Making the most of their environment
Without having a cow,
Although, these two cats I have now
On loan for three years,
Will cry like babies at the door
As if I cut off their ears.

No, Cleo was a survivor
Didn’t require a rescue,
Found a good barn to sleep in
In a bed of Fescue,
Plenty of mice to chase
Freedom from rules,
Yet, at the end of the story
Had to suffer more fools.

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