Friday, December 23, 2016

4 x 900

Around 25 years ago, we served a young man who was massively, morbidly obese. I guess nowadays, he could be classified, as not so big. Back then, we did not have specialty beds to accommodate persons like this, so we had two standard hospital beds attached together. Ya, go ahead and laugh!

I have observed the strange family dynamics, that are entangled with cases such as these, where the Gorilla in the room is running the show, while maintaining a semblance of helplessness. Now, I finally am writing about him.

900 pound Willie
Calls everyone a chump,
He can't fit into the bathroom
Uses his closet to take a dump,
Just stands erect
And let's it plop on a towel,
His Mama helps clean him
Holds her breath, it's so foul.

The whole entire family
Cater to his demands,
They buy him all the food he wants
While no one understands,
How to escape with any dignity
They are slaves to Brother Willie,
Though, each one of them wishes
They could bury him in South Philly.

He was a 4 pound baby
That's right, isn't that silly,
Now he's age 29
900 pounds,
A mean one, Brother Willie.

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