Friday, November 11, 2016


If you work in a facility, that had its beginnings 80+ years ago, you know for sure, there's a bunch of old infrastructure, that has not yet been updated. The guys just can't get to it, because all the high tech stuff needs all the attention (to keep the dollars coming in). We all have been informed, that if there is a "brief" interruption in electricity, the generators will automatically cycle, and there will be power available at the red power outlets. But what if the generators, don't get the message?

We lost power
Just the other night,
Think, old-building blues
And lordy, what a fright,
Because for 10 long minutes
We had no juice,
Some kind of circuit breaker
Had busted loose.

But that's not all
It was really worse,
The emergency red plugs
Felt the curse,
And that shouldn't happen
Because generator power,
Should automatically trigger
For a minute, or an hour.

Meaning, that old circuit
Was isolated, dear friend,
The generators didn't know
There was no power at our end,
And when it returned
Without any intervention,
The engineers couldn't find
The cause of disconnection.

Well, that was cool
Just a little fluke,
No one knew why
If they had, they would puke,
Because three days later
The system REALLY crashed,
Five hours without power
New records were smashed.

A hospital without power
None to be found,
All kinds of devices
Fall to the ground,
Really important things
Rely on electricity,
The lack thereof
Causes spasticity.

All the bosses came running
Who run the joint,
Offering solutions
Wondering where to point,
Knowing that the blame
Would soon need a home,
Why everyone started
Shining their chrome.

One of the geniuses
Posed this opinion,
Let's fixed it with something
Right here in our dominion,
Replace that ancient breaker
With that old one in the box,
Bought back in the days
Of wind up clocks.

Yep, saving every nickel
Down at ground zero,
Make the cheapest suggestion
And you'll be the hero,
Don't look to the future
Make the easy fix now,
It's sure to work for a while
If it doesn't, disavow.

Good thing our Engineers
Are wiser than most,
Ask them, "How smart?"
And surely they will boast,
But still, in the end
They know redundancy rules,
Buy the biggest damn breaker
A whole box of them, fools!

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