Saturday, November 19, 2016

No Mo Thorax

No Belt Piece Prize

I had a pneumothorax
Yep, there it was,
Couldn't catch my breath,
It was because,
My pants here hanging
What a surprise,
That I had earned
The No Belt Piece Prize.

Of course, that is dumb
I blame my Uncle Mo,
He fell down on his chest
And he said, "No",
As in, "No mo thorax,
I didn't break a rib,
If you want to argue
You're outta my crib.

Leaving no more solutions
An Old Mo Thorax,
I suggest you clean it up
With good old Borax.


Old FoolRN said...

I never could figure out the rationale for that pants hanging down fashion style. At the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, The first thing the police did after arresting and cuffing violent protesters was to yank down the pants of those in custody. This served a dual function; public humiliation and impediment of walking and/or running. I wonder if those sporting the pants down style realize that from a historical perspective, they are actually supporting law enforcement.

Fibril_late said...

Another common "what started that stupid trend" reason, was that for those young male jailbirds, who are not allowed belts, their britches have a tendency to hand down. Also, supposedly, this was a subtle sign or invitation, that the droopy drawered fellow, was advertising a certain type of "hook up" availability. Certainly, none of our reasons seem at all appealing. Lastly, it is well recognized that the droopy pants have allowed for more arrests, as the fashion does inhibit running.