Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dental Dana 53

Dental Dana
She's that one,
Over there in the corner
Looking dangerously fun,
The hottest hygienist
In the Dental suite,
All buttered up
Looking good enough to eat.

She looks so yummy
So gentle and placid,
But Dental Dana
Is more dangerous than acid,
She could pulverize a crown
With her nitrogen tapper,
Then catch you on the rebound
With her ultrasonic zapper.

Just play it safe
Relax and cruise,
Remember, she's crafty
And there’s a lot you could lose,
Like thirty-two teeth
Your gums and tongue,
Sliced in little pieces
And dropped in a lung.

If you get too distracted
By her tight fitting slacks,
Ask for some nitrous
To help you relax,
Or maybe something more
Some light anesthesia,
Just for you, they reserve
The milk of amnesia.

Remember, my friend
You could be easily whacked,
Do whatever it takes
To leave that office intact.

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