Friday, October 07, 2016

Dead is not gone

I have covered this topic in 42 different ways over the years, and I am still astounded by the actions of loving families, who refuse to let their loved ones go on to heaven. Often their religious beliefs are at the bottom of this (definitely not the top). This is an old poem (2008), slightly edited.

The Work of Jesus

I'm ever more astonished
At the work, Jesus is expected to do, 
Forecasting that he will heal 
When really, death is due.

Take this patient in the corner
As example number one,
Her heart, her lungs and kidneys
Were very nearly done,
When a cardiac arrest
Knocked her to the floor,
Giving her tired soul a chance
To slip right out the door.

She had CPR
For well beyond an hour, 
Where the medical team performed 
Everything within their power, 
But they finally reached consensus 
That there was nothing more to do,
When lo and behold, her heartbeat
Went from straight-line to forty-two.

Now she’s grazing in our unit
Life-supported to the nines,
Seven vasopressors
And thirteen central lines,
An ET tube, an NG sump
And the Foley-Temp-Deluxe,
And while it seems we're doing everything
She's a DNR, oh shucks.

We finally get to Jesus
His role in this whole caper,
The family expects a miracle
According to the paper,
Written by some disciple
Two centuries post-resurrection,
How Jesus will raise the dead again
Like some cosmic lottery selection.

There are just too many people
Who need that Lazarus link,
Jesus can't heal every one
So do not even think,
That your sweet old Aunt Jemima
Is on the Jesus list today,
She tried to depart a week ago
Till epinephrine, made her stay.

The truth regarding dear old auntie
Is that she'll never get restarted,
Her body is here, and her brain is dead
While her soul has already departed,
The resident of this ICU bed
Could be likened to an empty shell,
Auntie is firmly ensconced in heaven
While her body remains here in Hell.

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Old FoolRN said...

One of my all time favorites. I keep reading it over and over. Sorta like having a song stuck in your head.