Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pass the Test

I have been an Instructor and tutor of basic EKG / Cardiac Monitoring for 13 years. Our classes comprise quite a cross section of students. There are Nurses, some fresh and some having worked a number of years already, plus EMT / Paramedic students. Occasionally we have non-medical persons that work in some other hospital department, thinking of attending Nursing school, or considering being a Monitor Technician. Every year we have about 400 attendees, and a very high success rate. The class provides the student with a certificate of Basic Cardiac Monitoring, which may be a requirement at their job.
Most important, as simple and basic that it might appear on the surface, this class is not easy.

Pass the Test

Didn't pass the test?
You thought it was, too simple,
You gave it less attention
Than a recent forehead pimple,
Or maybe, you got busy
Then fell back to reason 1,
You thought this class was easy
Until your test was done.

Blame it on your study habits
Or blame it on the devil,
But this time, do your duties
If you wish to pass this level,
Then return again next week
You must repeat the test,
Don't squander your last chance
Just do your very best.
--  --  --  --  --  --  --

Here is a link to the programs offered:

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