Sunday, September 18, 2016

Non-Compliant Croatian

Hypertension: It is so hard to convince folks the importance of taking their meds, and to talk to their doctor, if they would like to stop. No, the wrong way is usually the chosen way; just stop taking your pills because you feel funny, or maybe your BP is under control and you think the problem has gone away. Whatever; there is a life-threatening crisis hovering on the event horizon.

Once upon a time, two people stopped taking their meds. One thought she was cured by Jesus, the other didn't like the way the pills made her feel. The first one blew out her Aorta, the 2nd one had a massive M.I.

Risky business, that's what it is.

Stopped her medication,
She said, "My pressure is fine"
A major violation,
With malignant hypertension
Obesity and heart disease,
Her aorta is ripping
Her family prays, Jesus please!

When she needed bypass surgery
Jesus found her the doctor,
With Pulmonary emboli?
Jesus was the Proctor,
And by golly, I'm thinking
Jesus blessed her medications,
Then the Devil, slyly told her
"You don't need meds, you're Croatian!"

One week ago she stopped
Taking any of her pills,
She must have figured that Jesus
Had cured all of her ills,
That her blood pressure was fine
When she took a walk this morning,
But her pressure was sky high
Her Aorta ripped without warning.

Now Jesus is standing
Over there, in the corner,
Nibbling his pie
Like little Jack Horner,
Pondering the failings
Of this member of his flock,
This non-compliant Croatian
May have taken her last walk.


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