Friday, September 09, 2016

Every Day Occurence

Life sure was easier when all we had were Alcohol and Heroin abusers.


Losing my foot
After fingers and toes,
I put too much Cocaine
Up my nose,
Then I moved on
To crystal Meth,
Now I'm flirting
With sister Death.

Another thing
My kidney's are shot,
I get hemodialysis
Piping hot,
My mouth is full of Herpes
I know it looks bad,
But this is my life
So don't feel sad.

I would gladly do it all
Over again,
Nothing feels so good
As Meth in a pen,
Shooting up my veins
Until they were all gone,
Then having a seizure
On Billy-Bobs lawn.

I'm a regular visitor
At your medical center,
I've got Medi-cal
So, I'm a destitute renter,
Sucking up resources
I'm unrepairable,
And I do my best
To be unbearable.

Spit at my nurses
Call them bad names,
Those are a couple
Of my favorite games,
Crap in my bed
And smear it on the rails,
Scratch Betty Lou
It's under my nails.
Act like a maniac
What else can I do?
I did this to myself
And I hate you.

I will survive
And go back to my hole,
I'll return in a month
Because that's my role,
After snorting some Meth
With ketoacidosis,
In complete Liver failure
My new diagnosis.


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