Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Bad Batch of Heroin

The poem tells the story, the news outlets write the nonsense.

A "bad batch of Heroin"
What a description,
"The overdoses have victimized men and women of all ages"
That is the depiction,
But I contend, they victimized themselves
Choosing Heroin, over what is good,
All heroin is bad
Let's label it, as we should.

Journalists and News outlets
Please do not pander to these kind of terms,
Heroin is heroin
No matter how many worms,
Have been used to dilute
Or to up-tox the solution,
There is no "good" heroin
Just as Coke and Meth, are deadly pollution.

We heard about this two years ago
The "bad heroin" that was killing folks,
Last year it was the disguised Fentanyl
Drug dealers, love these kind of jokes,
Although, killing off the users
Normally, would be a poor business model,
Maybe, they ought to shift the delivery mechanism
And brew it for the bottle.

Regarding the recent explosion
Of breweries, all over the land,
Why not slip a little bit of heroin
Into that ice-cold aluminum can?
Just like the legalization of marijuana
Why not blend heroin into that mix,
Just name it Red Dog Explosion
And sell it for a buck sixty six,
Pass the sales tax along to the bean counters
They won't bother to ask why,
No one will say that heroin is bad
When the money rolls in, by the by.

A "bad batch of Heroin"
What a great story,
Let's tax all that stuff
And sing Morning Glory,
Down at Reverend Joe's church
On April eleven,
Consumers will be so happy
They will think they're in heaven.



Old FoolRN said...

We used to have an overdose patient education protocol that included frequent, aggressive NT suctioning. Just keep a close eye on that pulse ox as the patient hacks, coughs, bucks, and flails his way to overdose enlightenment. Some nurses also incorporate Foley traction, sternal rubs, and styloid process grating into the regimen. Crude, but usually effective.

Fibril_late said...

Yep, those were the good old days. Heck, we can barely restrain anyone these days too. You can be totally whacked out, blistering brain crazy, trying to leap out of bed, and I can't use the Posey-Vest on you, because you just might choke yourself. And if you do manage to fly out of bed and crack your noggin, go ahead and sue me, because you will win.