Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Uh oh, what's that on the X-ray?

No, this is not something that recently happened at work. However, the facts are out there; tools are sometimes (rarely) left behind in a surgical wound, and folks definitely do swallow ridiculous items.

Oh, someone left scissors
In Billy-Bob's gut,
They thought at the time
It will pass from his butt,
And about three weeks later
As they waited to collect them,
Scissors and a Rolex
Passed out of his rectum.

Have stranger things happened?
Oh, undoubtedly so,
Folks swallow strange things
To impress their new beau,
Like bedsprings and batteries
And cigarette lighters,
Cell-phones and coins
After drinking all-nighters,
Only to wonder
About a ringing in her gut,
She says, "I'll answer it later"
When it exits my butt.

One might consider this
The original sin,
Be it surgery, or stupidity
Be careful what goes in,
And use caution, young fellow
On the potty, don't push,
'Cuz, if you swallowed razor blades
They will slice-up your tush.

1 comment:

Old FoolRN said...

Another great rhyme! I worry that those new-fangled radio frequency detectable surgical sponges are more trouble than they are worth. You could leave a suture needle or even a Straight Mayo behind and that electronic gizmo would be none the wiser. Counting and making sure you have an even number of instruments in play always worked for me.