Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Here at Sister Euphemia's place (and perhaps your joint too), we are forced to participate in an employee training and education package called, "My Journey". The name alone makes me want to hurl, because it reminds me of all the "iSomething" naming of things in the future-of-now, Apple iPod-isms. We've gone from "i" to "my". It is totally pathetic. Anyway, this rant is about more superior-sounding lingo jingo, in the renaming of the same old concepts. Just say to yourself, Body Handling Algorhythm; I had to read all about it last night as I was traversing My Journey, for my annual body mechanics reeducation. Hospitals and other entities, think that if they just educate us about protecting our backs, then that will save us from debilitating injuries in the future. Sure, there is some sense to that, but you and I know, what is killing us is the fact that 70% of our clients are now morbidly obese, and half of our Nurses are over the age of 45. We are already injured (and somehow still working)... and that's the other rant I'm always harping on.

Anyway, back to the topic of Jargon.

Body Handling Algorhythms
Old methods, by a newer name,
Quasi superior importance
In the technical jargon game,
21st century scholars
Doing rewrites on concepts and theories,
To appeal to a new younger audience
Repackaged as classes in series.

Knowledge expands
As new stuff is discovered,
Old stapled handouts
Are bound up and covered,
Add a couple fresh ideas
Publish, package and sell,
Force the workers to read it
Or consider leaving the cartel.


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Old FoolRN said...

The central problem here is too many nursing administrators and assorted bigshots with excess time on their hands. When schizophrenics make up new words we coin it neologoism and increase their Haldol. Maybe this would work with all those smart alecky nursing administrators. You hold them down and I'll inject the Haldol.