Thursday, June 02, 2016

To Silence the Alarms

During the most recent Break-Nurse shift, I designated myself as the alarm-silencer, as there was a situation calling for that duty (if you're a Nurse, you know what I mean). This prompted a weird idea, as most of you are undoubtedly aware of a book (and movie series), "The Silence of the Lambs". Naturally, it caused me to ponder, "The Silence of the Alarms", and here is my version.


There was a ghoulish
Murderous story
Regarding quiet sheep,
A serial-killer on the loose
His first victim Little Bo Peep,
His crime, so truly heinous
My thoughts, Oh, bloody damn,
The saddest thing about it was;
The silence of the lamb.


Now silence is golden
At least, that's what we're told,
But enter any hospital
You'll notice silence is old,
So old, in fact
It long passed away,
The cacophony in the joint
Is a tumultuous affray.

A new job position
Break-nurse, by name,
For all intents and purposes
A minor player in the game,
But there's a quiet revolution
Down on the farm,
The true reason to hire him
To silence the alarm.

Once Upon a Time:

Thus, here's a better story
About a handy guy,
He's older than Methuselah
They say his patients never die,
He's training for retirement
But still needs to fill his purse,
No better choice available
To be your ICU break nurse.

After in-depth interviewing
And resume' perusal,
Floyd Dean, said, "Dammit, hire him
We won't accept refusal",
Because, we know he is an expert
And we are threatened by mighty harms,
Who better, to take the reins
To silence the alarms.

He worked in 60 hospitals
ICU, in every chapter,
A mercenary of sorts
Rapid assessment and adapter,
But now he's slowing down
He desires a scene, less violent,
Who wouldn't want his expertise?
He can make an alarm go silent.


The new guy, is really the old guy
And that's just one of his charms,
Just park him in front of the monitors
To silence the alarms.

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