Sunday, May 08, 2016

Skin Doctors

I went back to the Dermatologist for a reevaluation, and sure enough, they whipped out the Liquid Nitrogen and sprayed it at me again. Then, I was so bold as to have them examine something below my lip, and out came the scalpel. Suffice to say, that although these youngsters look innocent, they are flat out Dangerous!

As I mentioned before
In that previous silly rhyme,
In case you weren't listening
I'll repeat it one time,
How the specialist of skin
Called a Dermatologist,
Gets up close and personal
And that is the gist,
Of my every close encounter
When they poke and prod my skin,
Spouting 6 syllable words
For my covering, so thin,
But I guess there are layers
Albeit, rarely exposed,
That's where all the action is
To keep homeostasis closed,
From the outside environment
What's beneath, the event horizon,
If your skin is torn asunder
There's no telling what flies in.

Well, that's another story
Regarding thermoregulation,
Not to be included
In my current oration,
No, that's on Channel 10
With Dr. Whodayaknow,
Between pills and new potions
On that dog and pony show.

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