Sunday, May 08, 2016


I went to a Cardiology conference yesterday, and as usually noted, the average age in that room must have been at least age 50. Younger nurses don't go to conferences on Saturday mornings. It is just too easy to get your continuing education hours from the Internet, cheap and simple, basket weaving and macrame. So essentially, it was a room full of retired, or almost ready to retire old nurses.

A field of experts
Or experts in a field,
Everyone with a niche
Their knowledge conjealed,
A recognition of faces
A nod or a wave,
What's happening, where ya been?
Did you remember to behave?

All of us older ones
Amazed, we're still in the game,
But what's the alternative
Everything else seems too tame,
And though retirement seems attractive
It could be boring as hell,
And give up a good paycheck?
Might seem like a bombshell.


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