Monday, May 30, 2016

Hospital Inconvenience

As has been a long standing convenience (20 years+) for this particular hospital entity, when the census drops, personnel are sent home; as in, "Who would like to go home early today?" This thing is called an HC, or hospital convenience. Naturally, you're not getting paid.........duh! Now just add up all of those hours at the end of the year (what's a few hours lost, here & there, right?) to find more than 100 hours, and that means, $6,000 or so. Multiply that times hundreds of Nurses, and hooboy, this wonderful entity is saving a million bucks+ a year, just by sending people home. Now, isn't that convenient?

H.C. - Hospital Convenience
What an unfair term,
We'll send you home, without pay, Sonny
Return to your house, you worm,
See, I'm just an underpaid servant
A serf that can be sent away,
They sent me home at their convenience
While keeping the money, my pay.

H.C. - Hospital Convenience
A unique and undignified event,
Perhaps a penance for some digression
"Down on your knees boy, REPENT!
Just like those days back in Catholic school
Busted by Sister Euphemia,
H.C - Hospital inconvenience
Without pay; a new kind of ischemia.

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