Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dental Dana 46

This scrumptious Dental diva is a force to be reckoned with, and I think that after reading this one, you'll get the whole picture.

Dental Dana
She advises,
Don't pinch me sir
I don't like surprises,
Just keep your hands
On the arm of the chair,
And whatever you do
Don't caress my hair.

Dental Dana
Is a business-like babe,
If you mess with her
It's Abu Ghraib,
A notorious prison
In a far away land,
It's a promise, she said
If you touch me with your hand.

Dental Dana
She's the rave,
Don't mess with her
Or it's autoclave,
Which I have heard
Is steamy and hot,
But I suspect
First; I'll be shot.

Dental Dana said to me
If you touch me again
I'm a bumble bee,
Just let me do my job, good sir
Or you can swallow this diamond burr.

I said Dental Dana
Won't you scratch my back?
Just about that time
She lanced my plaque,
Typically scraped
And reduced by sanding,
So now, I'm thinking
We have an understanding,

She then, replied
Sir, take note,
If you touch me again
I'm drilling your throat,
Giving you an emergency
Wrap your mind around that
And stop grabbing at me.

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