Thursday, March 24, 2016


Quite frankly, having no new ideas in a month had me thinking my creativity had been deep-sixed. Then I realized, I'm back working in Adult ICU territory, and that is the location of inspiration!

Not writing very much
In the most recent epoque,
Nothing so exciting
As to marvel and shock,
Though my triumphant return
To the land of I-C-U,
Is an eye opening reminder
About the words that are due.

Very little has changed
In the past five years,
Just a couple new drugs
The same sicknesses, poor dears,
Undergoing restorations
That fail the final test,
Instead of gaining new life
They discover eternal rest.

Those statistics are shuffled
Into the middle of the deck,
Sure, they learn about risks
And what to expect,
In the one to two weeks
Of anticipated post-op,
Your recovery expectation?
To home, you will hop.

Surgery was well done
A valve and two bypasses,
Up in the chair the next day
With your dentures and glasses,
But then Atrial Fib
Sent a clot to your brain,
Ninety days later
You're on the comfort care train.

The operation was successful
Your heart problem was fixed,
Unfortunately, your future
Was slowly deep-sixed.


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