Sunday, February 07, 2016


A dismal outlook in the nursing paradigm.

I applied
For another position,
I'm just a Nurse
And not a Physician,
But one might think
I'm a valued C-E-O,
Cuz the folks where I work
Don't want to let me go.

Come on, there's a million
Nurses, just like me,
Willing to be abused
For the same, almost free,
They have graduated
Are desperate for a job,
They don't care about a watch
With a matching fob.

Oh, the market is strange
In the Healthcare dominion,
This isn't like Law School
And someone's opinion,
Just hire a warm body
Then, throw it on the pile,
If they survive....?
Let them stay for awhile.

You have to kill someone
Four times ten,
To get any attention
And even then,
No one gives a hoot
If they're dead or alive,
You're still guaranteed a job
If you'll come to work at five.

1 comment:

Old Fool said...

When I interviewed at Downey VA Hospital in 1973, they asked if I could start that afternoon. I said that I would have to think about it. When I got home the phone was ringing off the hook, it was Downey asking me to come in!