Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Some people have extremely persistent and recurrent Atrial Fibrillation. They might have undergone several Ablation procedures, and may require prescribed antiarrhythmic medications, and still they go back into A. Fib. It is surely a drag (and expensive, I assure you). That's when we pull out the big gun in the arsenal; Ibutilide. It is a complex, and possibly dangerous option, as it is known to cause Ventricular Tachycardia at times (or worse). Typically, the patient's Potassium and Magnesium levels will be measured (and supplemented if necessary). After the IV administration of the drug, we hope to see spontaneous conversion to Sinus Rhythm, or possibly they have just been properly primed for Electrical Synchronized Cardioversion. Whatever the case may be, they will always be monitored for 4 hours, after the administration of that drug.

I haven't tried,
Nor have I tasted
A shot of those
And a 4 hour viewing,
If electrolytes are off
V.Tach may be brewing.

First, a few PVC's
And then bang, it's V. Tach,
If you can't cough out of it
We go ahead and shock you back,
But who wants to do that
Maybe only Hellboy,
Lucifers spawn
Disguised as the Bellboy.

Sometimes Ibutilide
Works just like magic,
Converting your A. Fib
Avoiding outcomes more tragic;
And that's why we watch you
For a standard four hours,
So we can meet at the Limelight
And toast, whiskey sours.


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Old Fool said...

I've had atrial fib for many years. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger!