Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Anti-vaxer Barbarians

Finally, a poem regarding the practice of anti-vaccination.


I completely support a mandate
In favor of vaccination,
I am a health-care worker
With a moral obligation,
To protect the vulnerable citizen
The young, the old, the compromised,
With multiple health conditions
And so much research; I'm surprised,
When medical professionals
Indeed, any public attendant,
Claims a singular, personal exception
For their self or their dependent.

I'd rather allow a gun
For the greater good and everyone,
That would be safer, than allowing you
The anti-vaxer point of view,
Based on personal choice
And a dubious set of facts,
Why not bring your family to the chopping block
I'm just now sharpening my ax.

I can not fathom the concept
Public servants, sworn to protect,
College educated
With scientific neglect,
Promoting anti-vaccination
These health-care-less proletarians,
More dangerous than Genghis Khan
And hordes of barbarians.


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