Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Dental Dana 44

If you have to visit your Dentist for the usual nonsense, do be careful that the Dental Hygienist isn't a freakazoid, I'm just saying.

Dental Dana
Freaked me out,
I was relaxed
When she began to shout,
It bothered me
'Cuz she told me not to fidget,
But now she's screaming
To stop biting her digit.

Dental Dana
Smacked my molar,
Like a flailing
Holy roller,
With dental lances
Pointed my way,
This was worse
Than our usual fray.

I got the message
And opened my jaw,
Dana's finger
Was chewed and raw,
I told her
I was really sorry,
She screamed, "I'll sue you
And buy a Ferrari".

Thinking quickly
What could I say?
To placate this demon
And be on my way,
Cheerily, I gushed
"That's a helluva ride",
A defining conveyance
For Beelzebub's bride.

Dental Dana
Gave me the evil eye,
I apologized profusely
(Praying, I wouldn't die),
She chased me out the door
Wielding her mondo pick,
Oh, Dental Dana
She's one freaky chick.


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