Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Blogger and a Clogger

Nursing can be bloody, messy work. Oh, ya, because that's part and parcel, to some area's of the trade. Paramedics, EMT's, operating rooms and all the rest.................there is blood coming out. I'm not grossed out, or frightened, and yes, I see dead people. But, I am never cavalier about it. I'm careful and cautious...............afterall, I'm a Clogger by trade.

First I was a Nurse
And then became a blogger,
In the course of a work day
I'm an expert vessel clogger.

Folks come to us for recovery
After artery and vein poking,
When those same patients see what we remove?
They know we're not joking,
Regarding bleeding and bruises
And horrid hematoma's,
Still some will go home
Like they were in a deep coma,
Hence, they ride the motorcycle tomorrow
Up the highway to Kingvale,
Stop for gas, and fall down
Dusky and pale,
Because they didn't notice
The fifty mile groin bleed,
There's no cure for stupidity
When it comes to riding that Harley steed.

We try not to make them worry
No, it's better to be wary,
99% won't bleed
It's the 1% that's scary,
Because usually, that's Billy Bob
Doing what he does best,
Compliant taking the blood thinner
Stupid about the all the rest.

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