Saturday, November 21, 2015

I'm Sorry

A lot of people are hard of hearing, or half deaf, or hear ringing all the time, which distorts their listening skills. So, it's no wonder there are misunderstandings now and then. When I have a conversation with someone, and the words seem garbled, or I just didn't hear them correctly, I don't ever offer this response; "I'm sorry?". Instead, I usually ask them to repeat what they said. I might just say: "Say, again?"

The thing is, when I am talking to someone, and suddenly they say, "I'm sorry?"............I don't know what in the heck they are apologizing for. I might stop right there and say to them, "What are you sorry about; did you do something wrong"?

Anyway, it's all just a misunderstanding.

She came into the room and said
It's time for your Cath,
I could have sworn she said
Time for my bath,
So I threw off my clothes
And waited in Limbo,
She flounced out of the room saying,
I'm your Nurse, not a bimbo.

I always blame it on
The ringing in my ears,
I did not hear you right
That's all it is, dears,
So, get off your high horse
And give me that bath,
Then I'll be squeaky clean
When it's time for my Cath.

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Old Fool said...

I was listening to a priest's homily and he kept repeating: "You must." This went on for about 20 times after I started counting so the real count was much higher. I kept thinking, I must get outta here before I loose my mind.