Saturday, September 26, 2015

Death of the Deadly

I haven't touched on the subject of death for a while, because I am not working in that arena any longer. Sure, people keep dying, but not in my Unit. However, the memories never go away. Here, I am contemplating a role I felt I played in the past; The one who handed off a soul to the Grim Reaper, for the journey down below.

We see disparity
And we witness pain,
I've treated a broken heart
And hemorrhaged brain,
I have administered to evil
Murderers, and more,
And still applied compassion
Because that is our chore,
Not to single out anyone
In the course of our care,
Every patient is an equal
So, let's not go there............

Until the Rigor Mortis
Is about to set in,
When the Grim Reaper
Stands, to reckon the sin,
Perpetrated, by Billy-Bob
In his moments of violence,
When nobody listened
Or penetrated the silence,
Until now, the great chasm
That he must cross, on his journey,
There is no chance in Hell
That he will beat this attorney.

As the appointed Nurse
I do stand by,
Grim Reaper awaits
For permission to fly,
Taking his charge
For the Karmic obligation,
"Billy Bob, I cast you out
For a Hellish vacation!"


1 comment:

Old Fool said...

Why do the Billy Bob types put up the most fuss when it's time to go?