Saturday, August 29, 2015

Nurse 32

After a crazy, stressful and whacky week, filled with too many Recoveries and 3 nights of overtime, I just have to unwind and write my own craziness.

Nurse 32

I've been a nurse for 32 years
Working, in-hospital for thirty-seven,
Some say to me, "You must love it"
Well I do, but it's not really Heaven,
I enjoy the goodness that I can do
To the people, who are really in need,
But for all those flippin' malingerers
The ones from the toxic seed?

They are the few, that test us all
The whacky, the crazy, the violent,
We must wear our happy face
Duck the fists and keeping silent,
Because now we must pay attention
To the almighty Satisfaction scores,
The 3-day departure, little phone calls
Where they scream and declare
You're all whores,
Not realizing that Betty-Boo nurse
Had no connection to Dr. Z's mistake,
While Betty-Boo's call will be audited
And her Manager, will give her a shake.

Oh, I can hardly wait to go
On the Hot Diggity dawg retreat,
I'm hoping and praying they bother
To have something good to eat,
Because I have noticed the goodies
When the visiting Dignitaries call,
They get the best catered food
That's what I'm say, that's all.


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Old Fool said...

Congratulations on your longevity. I admire your survival skills!