Monday, June 08, 2015


I haven't written a gross-out poem in a while, but I still have a flair for  it.

Poo & Pee
Got together inside,
Found themselves a fistula
What a crazy ride,
Poo said to Pee
"Geez, you're kind of runny",
Pee replied, "Dude,
You smell awful funny".

Together, they knew
They could cause a lot of trouble,
Let's get on with it
And do it on the double,
Poo and Pee figured
They only had a little time,  
Before someone found out
And put an end to their crime.

Poo and Pee
They made a pact,
God bless, our chance encounter
Now it's time to act,
Make a total mess of things
Inside our sorry host,
"And, after it's all over
Let's head to the coast".


1 comment:

OldfoolRN said...

Nice work! You could start a series of these. Consider a gastro-colic fistula, (food and poo.) Yech, I'm making myself sick.