Friday, May 01, 2015

Never Embarrassed

After a while, particularly if you worked in an Adult ICU, every situation that might be classified as embarrassing, has come and gone. That's in regard to the patient's, in their time of dire need. Therefore, how can I possibly be embarrassed about some dumb little thing, having to do with everyday living?

I am never embarrassed
And I'll tell you why,
I have seen everything
That can make a person cry,
In the course of three decades
Of this Nursing career,
Regarding comfort and privacy
As I stood at the rear.

I will never forget
The crap blasting farts,
The cratering wounds
Like infected cream tarts,
The abdominal ascites
With a peritoneal fountain,
The blubberous bulk
Of a humanoid mountain.

You might call me insensitive
And there, you'd be wrong,
We closed all the curtains
And sang the same song,
Of comfort and care
To our suffering clients,
Along with warm blankets
The Gold Standard of science.

So, can I be embarrassed?
Not after what I have seen,
What I have smelled, touched and tasted
To get everyone clean.


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