Wednesday, April 08, 2015

I own the Truck

Nurses eat their young........while Betty *Battle-axe, never loses the appetite to nibble away at her staff. (*an aggressive, domineering, forceful woman).

Oh, the things that I could talk about
That I rarely mention,
The subtle harassments
That would get your attention,
And what is the point of these things
I'm asking you?
When we who are smart enough
Recognize those things that you do.

It's kind of funny
And Ludicrous, all the same,
Watching your twists and twirls
In this silly bothersome game,
Where, you might claim
An Auditor, noticed a thing,
In the language of HIPPA
Where your threats can really sing.

And those persons who claim to be
In charge, and your boss,
Hardly have a solid grasp
On how the salad is tossed,
When the facts truly come out
How they didn't do their homework,
It was all an exercise
To give your chain a jerk!

What nonsense I say
That's why I keep the recording,
Every time this stupid train
Honks it's horn at the time of boarding,
And the Conductor punches tickets
Intimidating, those who they wish to irritate,
I never understand it
Because it's not my fate.

My works and diction
Don't support this kind of Fiction,
Because, over the years of my dedication
I'm the guy they call, to provide salvation,
And all those other things, when dire straits run amuck
Don't mess with the guy who owns the truck.

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