Thursday, February 12, 2015

Themeless not Dreamless

Sometimes something just sticks in my craw and I don't really understand it. But when I begin with some little idea, the concept unfolds. Here I was thinking about all the dumb stuff that Administration threatens employees with, while letting other really important issues go down the tubes. Sure HIPPA is important, but what do we do about the public whipping out their phones to photograph Momma with her pretty blue surgical hat on, or some fool Mother, let's a cellphone in the room with her intubated neonate and the picture ends up on Faceless Book?

Anyway, I'm peeved.

Hospital organizations
Threaten new members,
HIPPA violations?
We'll roast you on embers;

And other fancy rules
Laid out clearly for new-hires,
Will never be enforced
Until the statute retires.

Why do they forcefeed us all
With powerless reminders?
To impress the Regulators
Who are all wearing blinders,
To the reality of the present
Perpetual cost-cutting days,
No more free Soda
Unless the Employee pays.


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