Thursday, January 08, 2015

New Stuff Learned

I love going to Medical Education events, because I like to learn new stuff. Also, it's a great place to get ideas for jokes and new poems. I went to a little meal and eat at the country-club, back in October, and my table-mates and I learned about Neurological Disorders, specifically regarding Parkinsons and Tremor. My new pal (yes, you) likes joking around too, and here is what we came up with. Silly cocktail humor.

Chorea: A country near Japan
Leva-Dopa: When the Taxi-driver drops off the dopehead.
Bezel Ganglia - Jewelers Neurons
Parking Sons: A motor vehicle parking business.
Pre-Cursor: Middle schooler who hasn't yet learned to curse.

Vascular Insult: "Your varicose veins, are WAY ugly!"
Blood vessel to Fat guy: "Hey, lighten up, will ya?!? I can't supply all this fat!"

Parkinsonian Features: Short films, just before the Main feature, at the Parkinson Theater.
Stepwives: Exercise Program @ 24 Hour Fitness
Cardinal Rigidity: A high member of the church, and his "little" problem.
Sleep Disorder: Acting out while sleeping.
My Charge-Nurse has executive function dysfunction.
Motor-State: Detroit, Michigan
Are you moody about your anxiety, or Anxious about your moodiness?

A dancing disease vs. Advancing disease.

Don't look at me funny, that's how I manage to stay awake after drinking two glasses of country club wine. 

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