Friday, January 30, 2015

Drought Solution

Where is all the water? I realized where a good portion of it is, after seeing a response to Lasix the other day. Perhaps our end-of-times drought wouldn't exist, if those perpetrators of Heart Failure, would PLEASE return the water!

A brilliant solution presented itself
After a standard dose of Furosemide,
In California, we're in a massive drought
The plants, and aquifiers and lakes have all dried,
The patient in the spotlight had fluid overload
Short of breath and feeling chest pain,
In the next two hours, I hereby witnessed
Two liters of urine go down the drain.

How many persons in California with Heart Failure?
Holding on to our water, in the midst of a drought,
There ought to be an ordinance, a fine, or citation
Breaking a natural law, there is no doubt,
Wildfires rage with dry tinder conditions
Fish species in danger, when they can't spawn,
And most of you with Heart Failure
Are probably still watering your lawns.

Sure, a little off the track, I will admit
But Lasix and Bumex
Just might do the trick,
To solve our water crisis
In our severe time of need,
Let Go Of Your Water
It's time everyone peed.


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