Tuesday, October 07, 2014


I went to that Cardiac Symposium last week, and learned some new stuff, and here are my results.

This latest Heart Failure topic
Is the hottest new stuff
Promoted to fix,
The agony's of heart failure
Comorbidities and death,
But now my G.F.R. is dropping
And I'm completely out of breath.

High-falutin research
During experimental stages,
Where theories and data
Fill up hundreds of pages,
On 500 laptops
In 42 Labs,
Result in 3000 white rats
Dissected on slabs.

Quantum theory,
Found the white rat
As the perfect model, dearie,
To experiement upon
They're much cheaper than dogs,
Although, if you need a heart valve
Set your eyes on the hog.

Dogs, these days
Have achieved a reprieve,
Owners, view them as family
Experimental death?, now we grieve,
But cut up a rat, no one cares
'Twas their fate,
Remove emotion from research
And have a heckuva date.


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