Sunday, October 26, 2014

Leader Fail

Thanks to an occasional outside contributor, I present this gem of a story:

I witnessed the stupidest
Thing today,
A Charge Nurse
Had the gall to say,
That paperwork trumped
A failing heart,
Charting, had to be completed
Before the procedure could start,
To place a life-saving pacemaker
The man was going into shock,
Charge Nurse said, "You can't take him"
She's such a cuckoo clock.

The Surgical nurse
Was forced to stand by,
A witness of this stupidity
Despite my rallying cry,
That this was an emergency
A life-threatening event,
But Charge Nurse stomped her foot
And blocked all circumvent.

I split the scene
Frustrated and fuming,
Charge Nurse is a paper pusher
A number counter, I'm assuming,
With assessment skills
That have no compare,
How can there be?
When they never were there.

Crap rises to the top
Never more true,
I wish she would stay away from the bedside
And completely out of view.


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