Monday, September 29, 2014

Just Stay Home

On the recent Saturday, I attended a Cardiology conference. There must have been at least 200 attendees, mostly physicians and a handful of nurses. Sitting behind us, and to the Right about 5 chairs, was a gentleman with a bothersome cough and clearing of the throat. This occured continuously, minute by minute, the entire day long. We professionals are polite endurers of bothersome personal habits and discomforts, so I suspect the majority of us where silently praying the dude would either buy a cough-drop at the commissary, suck on ice cubes, get a beverage at the hotel bar, or just go home. Evidence suggests he did none of these things, much to the displeasure of many.

Sir Coughalot

Sir Coughalot
Should have stayed away,
Coughing continuously
All night and all day,
With little consideration
For others nearby,
Is that cough contagious?
If so, we'll ask why,
Did he bother to attend
And potentially expose,
200 colleagues
With debris from his nose,
Plus, flying projectiles
With each coughing hack,
I think his choice to attend
Looks like a terrorist attack.

Sir Coughalot
Didn't listen to his marm,
She admonished him often
"Remember, do no harm"
But he's here today
Sharing his coughing disease,
Sir Coughalot
"Why don't you go home, please?"


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