Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Exposed Iceberg

I know about harrassment
And all about assault,
I've delved into my psyche
And considered Gestalt,
But here is a topic
Upon which, I have never written,
And if I dare say the word
I will surely be bitten.

As a writer of medical mayhem
I thought,
That no topic was sacred
Where anything could be bought,
But a situation is present
With Danger supreme,
The iceberg is exposed
Oh, it makes me want to scream.

I'm skirting the swamp
As I don't wish to be beaten,
There is a threat of a lawsuit
And I don't want to be eaten,
The core of the issue
Power and culture,
The best and worst of that
Thrown into a mulcher.

Now, Sister Euphemia
Is at her wits-end,
She's got a bagfull of troubles
That she wishes she could send,
To a secret incinerator
The proverbial compost-bin,
But all she knows is crucifixion
For Original sin.

This is a Tequila Sunrise
Running for too many hours,
While the Pina Colada's
Have become Whiskey Sours,
Whoever mixed those ingredients
Well, that Bartender is long gone,
I ran into her 2 months ago
And she's singing a new song.

"I am totally happy with
Something new, really fun,
Bartending was Ok
But I needed a gun,
To keep the help-staff and patrons
Under control and out of trouble,
When I had the chance to jump ship
I got out of there on the double."

Then she went across town
Another, bartending gig,
It was like going to the Hilton
On a ship just as big,
Run by regimented officers
Steeped in duty and decorum,
Every decision she had to make
Needed to be reviewed by a forum.

Two years were enough
On that formulaic farm,
Where policy's and procedures
Come first, before harm,
Where one must toe the line
Or be keel-hauled by the boat,
A grand salary isn't enough
When crap is shoved down your throat.

And at the Heavenly Hilton
The Pina Colada's suck,
They are subsidized heavily
And only cost a buck,
Mixed with probiotics
This contaminated culture,
Isn't fit for consumption
Not even by a vulture.

So, one must tread carefully
Speak in code, and watch your back,
At any given moment
We might come under attack,
There's a culture war in town
This is a dangerous place,
A Pinot Noir of mystery
That I'd rather not embrace.


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