Monday, September 15, 2014


Always here
Our ultimate demise,
Although medical science
Seeks more tries,
To prolong our natural life
And I can’t argue with that,
I’m just beyond sixty
And I want 30 more, in nothing flat.

I feel pretty good for my age
My weight is Ok, just a little more than I intend,
More exercise is needed
It’s not something I can pretend,
To make it dematerialize instantly
After all, work is required and such,
My pretty baby is in favor of it
But she’s not willing to hand me a crutch.

Demise, my bad habits
Although, I’m not so sure what they are,
I have a pretty good diet
Forty years, an anti-meat Czar,
That’s gotta have some value
In the , “It’s good for ya”, category,
I like raw vegetables
Not so much cooked, that’s the story.

I don’t smoke anything
Nor snort, mainline or whoof,
I don’t eat fish or fowl
Or anything on hoof,
Fermented grapes and hops
Oh, surely I do,
Probably just about as much
As the rest of all of you.

So, if Scientists find ways to prolong
The quality of life, in its length,
I’d like to sign up for that
While I work on my strength.


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