Thursday, August 07, 2014


It seems like the most common reason for suicide, or "ending it all", has to do with an emotional disturbance. Sure, persons with intractible pain from some sort of horrid acquired disease fit in the category, but they represent the smallest fraction of life-enders. No, it's those emotions that are the culprit........they lead us astray and into, complicated thinking conundrums.

She had stress
And definitely sorrow, 
So much, she wondered
Will I know a tomorrow, 
That isn't a repeat
Of my miserable day to day,
If my life is like that
I don't think I want to play.

She had a lot of pain
And too many goodbyes,
It's kind of overwhelming
When everyone dies,
Those that mattered so much
At the same time, oh, it hurts,
No Emergency Broadcast System
Has those kind of alerts. 

But wait a minute.....Living
Sure beats being dead,
No matter what kind of nonsense
You have placed in your head,
Because I have met old ones
With seven major diseases,
They don't want to leave
Even the worst of the sneezes. 

Waking up in the morning
On the top side of dirt,
Sure, that seems kind of morbid
But, no matter how you hurt,
You could still make someone happy
And perhaps, alleviate THEIR pain,
Wake up under the gravestone?
Baby, you missed the plane!