Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Speaking in Greek

Unwinding? I read a variety of news sources. This has nothing to do with "keeping up" with ordinary life or politics. It's all about the foibles of humanity; something about seeing how bad WE can be. Realizing that we are below the level of most animals on this beautiful planet. Where life is all just one combo thing. It brings me back to the Zero of all things. Existence.

An insatiable appetite
For news, but not really,
I use it for distraction
Beyond the touchy feely,
Part of every workday
Where I'm saturated in the now;
Inside of my mind, all of that
When I'm dragging the daily plow.

Sure, I stay up late
Drinking a glass of wine, or two,
Reminds me of a few good friends
Where we share our Nursing view,
Celebrating properly
We're still alive and aware,
Knowing too much, in our own way
Human service-providers, our job to care.

We talk about those things that we know
Comrades in arms, so to speak,
Talk to family about this?
Would be like speaking in Greek.


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