Thursday, May 01, 2014

Like a Dog

Momma said, "If you don't like the heat, stay out of the frying pan"..

Like a Dog

Another crazy busy day
But here is what I thought,
I’m a critical-care nurse
And this is what I bought,
I learned to prioritize
And sort the greatest need,
Should I get Billy Bob a sandwich?
Or assess Mary Lou’s bleed.

The writing on the wall
Puts the pedal to the metal,
I just gotta deal with it
And wait for the dust to settle,
And I won’t complain
That I missed a 15-minute break,
Mary Lou has issues
Her life is at stake.

I ride a bicycle to work
My body is healthy,
I’m willing to work hard
(Not being wealthy),
And Mary Lou is why
I have chosen this profession,
I’m working for her
It’s a simple confession.

Her needs are greater than mine
Her safety is paramount,
How many breaks I’ve missed?
I don’t bother to count,
And even if I waited
Eight hours for a meal,
I’m not so important
That’s just how I feel.

I carry snack bars in my pockets
And need just one cup of coffee,
It’s extra special fine
If there’s some chocolate or toffee,
Because my needs are simple
And patient needs are greater,
If I miss a 15-minute break
I won’t collapse in a Lunar crater.

Some Nurses won’t like it
When I am around,
I’ll take a heavy load
Like yer good old bloodhound,
Maybe I am like a dog
That nevers knows when to sit,
Chasing a favorite ball
He won’t pause or quit.

Yup, just another busy day
There will be more, exactly the same,
Do you have what it takes
To be a contender in this game?
If you’re wimpy or whiny
You don’t like busy or hard,
Hold a sign at the Freeway
Or chase snails in your yard.


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